Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

Heller vs. DC 2

Dick Heller and his legal advisor Dane von Breichenruchardt, with the assistance of the Bill of Rights Foundation have been fighting for our Second Amendment rights since 1993. They and their friends put up thousands of days and $3 million into Heller vs. DC and won. That case has become a precedent for many others. His next case aims to restore the right of DC residents to modern arms.

Since Heller and Co. managed to advance our common cause more than most, I propose that my own long-term safety will be more enhanced by supporting his efforts than by buying and stashing one more box of ammo. I gave him $20 instead of buying a box of 45ACP ball. Can you do the same?

Times are tough. If you cannot give $20, would $10 be possible? It's only what a box of 9mm ball would cost. Or maybe you can do better than I did. A box of good defense ammo is closer to $25. Give more if you can.

If money is scarce, you can still help. Link to my appeal or re-post it for others to see. Dick Heller has been fighting to good fight for many years. It's time we've aided him a little.
Tags: civil rights, dick heller, rkba

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