Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

The Swiss example

It has long been a Swiss tradition
To avoid any foreign wars
But to plan and promise perdition
To any foe at the door

The Swiss government trusts its people
To be patriots in deed and thought
And by trusting obtain the loyalty
On the level that can't be bought

They show trust by commending
The keeping of serious arms
In return they obtain a people
That keeps its country from harm

The Swiss may someday be vanquished
Though in two hundred years or more
Every invader deemed it
More trouble than it is worth

The same applies to the people
In certain united States
They seek no trouble abroad
But smite any foe they face

Some government gangs or agencies
Endeavor to try the resolve
These ventures will end in tears
For those who are too bold

For people of this free country
Much like the worthy Swiss
Don't fire unless molested
But then very seldom miss
Tags: bolt action, history, rifle, rkba

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