Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

Insun at the range

While in Las Vegas for SHOT Show, my friends and I were invited to dinner by Nick, the owner of Kai-Zen restaurants. The food was original and extremely delicious, and the atmosphere very pleasant. At dinner, I asked the restaurant manager Insun if she would model for me. She agreed. Unfortunately, the only time I had left in Vegas, the following morning, was already committed to a firearm shoot in the desert. Deciding to combine the two events, I invited her to learn the use of small arms.

The next morning, Insun went from suppressed .22 pistols and rifles to 9mm pistols (G19, CZ P-01, Kahr P9) to 12ga shotgun and did very well with each. Better yet, she enjoyed herself much and spent a bit of time in front of the camera. Her boss Nick provided some of the arms and ammo along with the instruction on their use. Adam and Ann or Infinite Arms also provided gear. Jeff helped considerably with the photos by rigging up and controlling the light reflector.

Insun is now signed up for a four-day handgun course at the nearby Front Sight. Several friends, including Nick, pledged logistical support. Employers might want to take note: trust and support for their staff is always appreciated.

See hi-res images

Gear used: GSG, CMMG, Plum Crazy, Gemtech, Tactical Innovations, Glock, CZ, Kahr, Magpul, Black Dog Machine, Vortex. Reactive targets, red dot sights and sound suppression work great for providing the newbie shooters with an enjoyable experience.
Tags: desert, fun, girl, gun, new shooter, pistol, pretty, range, rifle, sound suppressor, teaching, training

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