Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

Don't drop drawers for TSA. Gird your loins for battle instead.

Once I ran from Russia to freedom
To America of my dreams
Years later who came for a visit
If not the same damn regime

Sure differences abound
We are not yet USSR
But we better watch out now
Foes of freedom advanced too far

Not the worst but it comes to mind
Are strip searches at airports
We stand for such treatments, just grumble
Though time has come to do worse

Let's do what we can with letters,
With scorn, avoidance, boycotts
And plan to do something better
If lesser means don't work

For we live in a special country
It's our last, thin line of defense
The last ditch in war for dignity
And liberty for all men

Should we fail, we won't be able
To run to some other land
We must plan to prevail in battle
So liberty doesn't end

Where else can we run? Nowhere
The rest of the world isn't free
No help will come from without
This is up to you and me
Tags: liberty

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