Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

Corrupt cops support gun control. Surprise?

It's no secret that jurisdictions with massive degree of corruption are usually supportive of gun control. In Minnesota, much of the Minneapolis PD (more the brass than the rank and file) bitterly opposed shall-issue carry reform. What is less well known outside of Minneapolis is the sordid history of the so-called "Metro Gang Strike Force" which was, in effect, just a gang vested with some official respectability. My friend Joel Rosenberg, a well-known science fiction writer and a tireless fighter for individual liberty, compiled an exhaustive and detail account of that gang, it's history and how it was eventually taken down.

Gang Strike Farce makes for an interesting reading and helps put together what few fragments of the story I had previously from other sources. It may be instructive for those of us who live in similarly corrupt jurisdictions.

It's no wonder those worthies opposed letting upstanding citizens go armed. Armed people are harder to intimidate or to disappear. They don't grovel as well, nor do they give up without fighting. As stories about incompetent cops attacking innocent people show, a single determined defender can score hits on a SWAT team.

Vang Khang's only error was using a shotgun instead of a rifle capable of defeating soft body armor. I know of quite a few people who replaced shotguns with rifles in the wake of that news story. Not at all surprising, Minnesota law requires annual permission from the local police to purchase handguns or semi-automatic rifles. Predators don't want their prey to have parity in armaments.

In the end, Minneapolis taxpayers paid $600,000 for the misdeeds of the SWAT cops. Eight of the cops involved got medals! In Russian language, the slang term for police officer is "musor", meaning literally "trash". Certain American agencies are working hard to earn the same level of respect from the public.
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