Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

Building a light rifle

I just configured my other ("hunting") SU16 into a more social configuration. I swapped the original stock for the pistol grip E stock, replaced the bipod forend with Red Lion short R3 aluminum forend and put a Magpul AFG grip on it. Aimpoint Micro T1 for night vision compatibility and a green laser for daylight use. I originally wanted to put Primary Arms green laser but their overbuilt unit and the large flashlight would have made the rifle much too heavy. PA laser got installed on SU22 instead. I took Viridian compact C5L pistol light/laser and put that ahead of the AFG. It can be activated with either thumb or index finger. The light is set to strobe and produces a blinding effect on the target while not bothering the shooter. The combination turned out to balance really well. The left hand can go on AFG or grip the magazine well with the knuckles braced against the back of AFG. E stock comes with a single-point sling attachment. I am not sure if I will use that or attach the forward end of a two-point sling to the rail. The end result: a light, well-balanced carbine suitable for defense or fun day or night.

Since I just got a scale that goes beyond 5 pounds, I checked the total weight -- 5.8lbs. Out of curiosity, I weighed a basic AR15A2 and it weighed exactly the same. Hmmm...weight advantage goes to SU16. AR15 has a slightly heavier barrel and might have an advantage in sustained fire...or does it. AR forend traps some of the heat in, while aluminum rail of the modified SU acts as a heat sink and a radiator. Will test fire both and find out which works better.


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