Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

Best cure is prevention, but…

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…if avoiding psychos doesn’t work, then shooting them would have to do.

Statistically, women are at greatest personal risk of murder or aggravated battery when they leave abusive relationships. So don’t compound bad judgment in picking mates by choosing to go unarmed and untrained. Most abusive mates don’t gravitate towards those who can defend themselves, though exceptions do occur. Going armed, especially in a situation where the enemy is inside the home, doesn’t guarantee safety. Going unarmed, however, all but guarantees victimization if the mate or ex-mate is inclined to violence.

I recommend Cornered Cat for more info.


Tags: domestic, holster, interesting people, murder, pistol, self-defense, training, violence, weapon

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