Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

Riot control legalities.

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Assume a legally reasonable US state and an on-going violent riot…

Defender faces a crowd of several hundred advancing on a residential property above a storefront. Crowd already demonstrated violent behavior, has visible melee weapons and incendiaries but no visible ranged weapons. Would it be legal to:

  1. Fire large birdshot to hit the entire mob at a hundred yards for less lethal effect?
  2. Fire buckshot to hit a substantial part of the mob at twenty yards?
  3. Fire slug (or rifle bullet) to hit an individual with an incendiary device at a hundred yards? at twenty yards?

Main legal question are:

  • Less lethal deterrent by private parties rather than police?
  • Hitting everyone in a mob rather than aiming at specific individuals?
  • Firing at extended range to avoid being rushed and overwhelmed by sheer numbers?
Tags: 12ga, advice requested, ammunition, self-defense, shotgun, weapon

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