Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

Ignorance of the law

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One of the pivotal court cases restricting the rights of Americans was the 1939 US vs. Miller. It’s quite obvious from the evidence that Miller had no idea that he was breaking that specific law at the time he was arrested with a short-barreled shotgun. Moreover, the arrest was for a different transgression, and gun charges were added onto it.

As things stand now in Washington state, everyone who has a firearm at home or has some remote connection to shooting is at risk of prosecution under the broadly written, pervasive and completely unreasonable new restrictions on a variety of normal, everyday and entirely benign actions that are legal pretty much everywhere else in the country. If the state wants to prosecute a person, they will be able to find a suitable portion of I-594 to use against him. I don’t think enough of the Washington residents are aware of the size of the bludgeon they just voted to their rulers.


Tags: bolt action, civil rights, optics, rifle, rkba, weapon

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