Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

Moving from gun control to people control.

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Post-WW1 Germany had gun control long before Hitler. In large part, it was the reaction to the civil war between Communists and the rest of the populace. One of the first actions of the Nazis after they gained control was the reduction of the number and severity of technical prohibitions on weapons.

Nazis were not anti-gun. They were merely against guns for their political enemies, and for their prey like Gypsies and Jews. A good Nazi could have a pistol or a rifle. By 1938, a Jew couldn’t even own a stick for self-defense. You might recall where that trend led. This kind of thing had also been done in America through Jim Crow laws designed to disarm Negroes.

We are now seeing this trend revived in the US. Democrat Senator Yee is indicted for gun running to gangs. Democrat federal administration runs guns to Mexican drug cartelsNew York Mayors run around with numerous armed bodyguards. “Special” people get special treatment, while the prohibitionists try to disqualify as many Americans as possible with as many excuses as they can dream up. It is, in effect, an effort to revive the feudal Second Estate with an exclusive right to weapons and use of force. They mean to rule and their rules would not be enlightened or selfless.

Tags: civil rights, rkba, self-defense, weapon

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