Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

Improve your odds

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As an aside, I’d like to note that the woman shown in the photos was kidnapped at 19 following an armed robbery of her workplace. The druggie criminal promised to rape her. She managed to get the kidnapper’s pistol from him, couldn’t make it work (turned out it was an Airsoft clone) and beat him with the inert gun until she could get out of the car. The perp got arrested later that day.

Her having the legal ability to carry at 19 would have made a great difference, both for her safety and for the safety of those that will likely be attacked by the same perp after he gets out of prison. She was both plucky enough to prevail and lucky that the criminal was inept. In the future, she may have less luck but can compensate with better preparation. Since she’s over 21, the laws here side with the violent criminals against her to much lesser degree. A carry permit in TN is expensive and requires costly mandatory training, but at least it’s available.

As another aside, she’s excellent with a rifle.

Tags: interesting people, pistol, revolver, rifle, self-defense, weapon, woman

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