Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

My take on the current feeding frenzy

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I do not think that it will amount to anything in terms of gun control. When our side is voting with thousands of dollars in purchases and many hours of activism, training and lobbying, the other side has only talking and collusive propaganda through the mass media.

The real reason for the gun control talk — in my opinion — is to take the pressure off the administration on the economic front. Everyone has been very concerned about the depression, the coming higher taxes, the massive budget deficits and the attendant defaults on government obligations that they just had to counter-strike somewhere. Just like the Brusilov offensive designed to relieve the French at Verdun, this strategic foray into gun control might accomplish the short-term goal at the cost of squandering much political capital the Democrats have.

If the current administration tries to push gun control in extra-legal ways, then they would be just reaching for the laurels of Ceaușescu. I doubt that any of them would go to the wall for that goal, and the current propaganda blitz is no different from the leaflets the Soviets used to drop over the Finnish lines in 1939. Wishful thinking more than a threat.

Tags: civil rights, rkba, self-defense, weapon
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