Oleg Volk (olegvolk) wrote,
Oleg Volk

Faxon uppers — a better mousetrap.

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A good illustration of the regulator at work

At the recent industry shoot, I had a chance to try new Faxon AR uppers. The design is an AK-style long-stroke piston with a FAL-type gas regulator. It allows effective suppressed use without any gas blowback at the shooter. Little comes out of the ejection port: I was able to shoot left-ejecting version from the right shoulder comfortably. Felt recoil is very low.

With AWC suppressor, Nightforce scope and CTC green laser for CQB

Charging handle doesn’t reciprocate, can be switched left to right in seconds. Folding stocks are possible. The barrel can be quickly swapped between .223 and 300BLK. Field-strips very easily, with fewer small parts than a regular AR upper. Left and right ejecting uppers are made.


Bob Faxon is left-handed, so his company pays close attention to the needs of left-handed shooters

The balance is excellent: this slightly built 12yo kid had no trouble running the medium-weight version.

A screw-on shell deflector is available.

Tags: 223, ar15, girl, light/laser, man, piston, range, rifle, semi-auto, sound suppressor, training, weapon

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