Accommodating lasers with custom holsters

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I’ve been using a Kahr P9 since 2001. Thin form, light weight of the pistol, and the excellent design of Alessi Talon Plus holster made it one of the most comfortable carry pistols I’ve ever tried. I obtained a laser for it but held off on the installation, as I had a hard time finding a production holster that would accommodate the altered form.

Eventually, I just reached out to one of the better custom makers, James Nelson. He did not disappoint! The holster fits securely and comfortably. Full sweat guard makes it re-holstering safe, and neoprene backing keeps supper sweat off the leather and off the gun.

CTC red laser isn’t daylight-bright, and the clamshell design is a bit awkward when it comes to battery changes. However, this laser wins absolutely in the transparency of operation. With my CTC equipped M1911, I’ve lost count of how many times I drew it to point shoot only to see a dot on the target…under stress, I completely forgot about the laser, but a firm grip activated it anyway. Laser isn’t my primary sighting method, but it’s a terrific backup for shooting from odd positions, or for firing without corrective eyeglasses on.

Felony by inaction.

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The original definition of felony was “a serious crime punishable by over a year in prison”. In theory, felonies are actively committed. Prison or death are supposed to be reasonable punishments for misdeeds wilfully perpetrated. Two problems arise in practice.

The first problem, the more widespread of the two, is that the definition of “felonious misdeed” has grown to encompass such horrible actions as filling in a small runoff pond on a farm, possession of a feather from particular bird species, or making a true statement to police that they think to be false.

The second problem has been with us for almost as long. In 1933, F.D. Roosevelt’s executive order prohibited simple possession of gold coins, bullion or certificates. In 1934, simple possession of many kinds of firearms and their accessories was effectively prohibited through punitive taxes amounting to the cost of a car per item. To keep a $2 rimfire sound muffler, a person was supposed to by a $200 tax stamp. Every one of those laws made people into felons overnight, with no action required by the newly appointed criminal. A person ignorant of the new law or executive order would still be subject to imprisonment with no regard for the lack of ill intent.

To me, this adds up to a perversion of justice. To the politicians of Virginia, this is the game plan. They are not shy about using the military to enforce his plan, either.

Paleolithic Britain

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The recent terrorist event in the zoo previously known as Great Britain illustrated the unfortunate decline of that people. On the one hand, brave residents went after the perpetrator of violence with all available tools. On the other, the sole available weapon was a narwhal tusk in its original shape, not even fashioned into a proper spear. That’s Paleolith-level tool, no better than those available to Neanderthals.

It’s symptomatic that the would-be mass murderer continued the rampage until the zoo-keepers known as “bobbies” showed up with German submachine guns and Austrian pistols to shoot him. Good for the British subjects for taking the fight to the foe. My sympathy to them for having to do that with completely inadequate tools, for having been stripped even of bronze age implements like knives and even of paleolithic tools like non-metallic blades.

Kipling’s book “The Light That Failed” set around 1880 shows even ten-year-old kids of very modest means able to buy and carry modern firearms. A hundred and forty years later, even the adult specimens of the British herd have no such right or ability.

As with other island species that evolved away from the ability to defend themselves, or even to recognize newly imported predators upon encounter, the residents of the British Isles are in trouble. The trouble doesn’t come as much from the imported terrorists, for their depredations are opportunistic and not statistically significant yet, as from the domestic zoo-keepers using the specter of the Islamic hobgoblins to keep the proles scared, clamoring for more surveillance, for more restrictions on tools and behavior, for tighter and more constricting bondage. People elsewhere should learn from their example and pick a more constructive path.