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Speaking of Henry lever actions

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I need to get the 44Mag out to the range and figure out the drop past 100 yards. 240gr bullet has muzzle velocity of 1775fps. At this time, the Big Boy is zeroed for 50 yards. If zeroed for 100, it would have 18″ of drop by 200 (aim at the head, hit the chest) and 65″ of drop by 300 (aim half-height above standing silhouette). I am just curious about the practical use of this caliber at extended range. Bullet velocity even at 300 would still be higher than most 45ACP loads are at the muzzle. With shots all touching at 50 yards, I should be able to get them within a pie plate at 300 without much trouble once I figure out the holdover with the duplex reticle.

Tags: ammunition, henry, lever action, rifle
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