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Tue, Jan. 22nd, 2013, 03:23 pm
Match accuracy in a plastic rifle?

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Last year, I shot a Chiappa 15-22 at an indoor range with a 1-4x scope. At 25 yards, the bullets consistently clover-leafed. I absolutely did not expect that result from a lightweight upper on a plastic lower, especially since I am not an expert rifleman.

I asked Ron about the typical accuracy of these carbines and he told me that they are consistently sub-MOA with CCI standard velocity ammunition. I guess mine wasn’t an aberration.

The other accuracy surprise to me was the Henry rimfire rifle. It’s at least as accurate as the 15-22. Considering the barrel thickness and the trigger quality, it’s reasonable but I am used to shooting lever actions with open sights and so think of them as 50 yard guns.

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